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A Deutsch village in Waziristan?

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afghanistan_pakistan Mein Gott! This Telegraph story is truly one of the most bizarre ones I’ve read this week (and I live in Pakistan where bizarre is a everyday term). The Telegraph is reporting that a veritable German village exists in Waziristan, being run by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, one that is inhabited by ‘WHITE’ (the paper places emphasis on their skin colour to dispel the notion that they  may not be native Germans, I assume) Germans and Swedes who have converted to Islam and joined Al-Qaeda.

Now while the presence of foreigners in Waziristan is nothing new: there are insurgents from the Middle East as well as Afghanistan fighting up north, as well as nationals of Maldives (who were captured in FATA according to Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik). But this village may be gaining some notoriety – apparently a German family was making their way there and got caught by the Pakistani authorities:

Last night a foreign ministry spokesman told The Daily Telegraph they were now negotiating with Pakistani authorities for the release of six Germans, including “Adrian M”, a white Muslim convert, his Eritrean wife and their four year old daughter, who were arrested as they were making their way to the “German village”. They are particularly concerned about the welfare of the child.

They are being held in custody in Peshawar after their arrest in May shortly when they crossed the border from Iran. They are understood to have left Germany in March this year.

The spokesman said negotiations were “under way” with Pakistani authorities “concerning a group of German citizens” and that it had been aware that the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan had been recruiting in Germany “since the beginning of the year”.

The article rounds off with a quote from a former intelligence officer, who says “the most dedicated people in Waziristan are from Europe.”

On a lighter note, I bet the Arabs, Afghans and Pakistanis fighting there are developing a gora sahib complex (the ‘white man’ complex) at this statement.  And what this story really needs is a Downfall spoof video.  Can’t you just see Hitler ranting about this?


Written by Saba Imtiaz

September 26, 2009 at 3:38 am

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  1. […] Of course, the mind wanders and I wonder what would happen if Kazim had to go cover this German village in Waziristan. […]

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