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Peshawar attacked: female suicide bomber reportedly involved

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Peshawar has seen yet another bomb blast this Friday at the Central Investigation Agency building. There are reports of 4 people dead (though the number is also being quoted as 6) with 10 injured.

While Friday has been a deadly day for Pakistan for several months now, the most disturbing facet of this suicide attack is that it is rumoured to have been carried out by a woman. Geo News is reporting that a burqa clad woman drove up with a man on a motorcycle. They attempted to enter the building  and when stopped, the man began to firing and the woman removed her burqa and detonated her suicide jacket.  There was a car with them as well, and that appears to have been rigged with a car bomb.

Update: This account isn’t verified – will wait for more news sources since right now the reports coming in say that the car bomb was the major source of the explosion and not the suicide bomber.

Update: Here’s an account from Times Online:

A car filled with explosives drove to the main gate of the CIA building as a motorcycle carrying a man and a woman pulled up behind it, Liaquat Ali Khan, the Peshawar police chief, told reporters.
The woman jumped off and ran towards a nearby housing complex where army officers live, while the man smashed the motorcycle into the car, which exploded into a huge fireball, he said.

Police shot at the woman, who detonated explosives she was wearing, destroying part of the CIA building and the mosque next to it, he said.

“If that woman suicide bomber had not been killed, she might have caused more damage,” he said.
It was only the second confirmed case of a woman carrying out a suicide attack in Pakistan: the first blew herself up near a Christian school in Peshawar in December 2007, while apparently aiming for a nearby military post.

We blogged yesterday about the rumours of female attackers being involved in one of the attacks in Lahore, which was later denied by army officials. This does not bode well; and will have severe consequences on the upcoming battle in South Waziristan, because if women are involved in the TTP’s struggle, then the battle will take on an even deadlier form.

Mr Writer, Why Don’t You Tell It Like It Is?

On another note, the  TTP has decided to target media organizations next. Daily Times reported that security officials have intercepted a phone call where a TTP commander was giving directives to attack security agencies and media organizations. Their complain:

A Taliban group also sent two letters to the Lahore Press Club – one on October 12 and the other on October 14 – warning that if the media “does not stop portraying us as terrorists … we will blow up offices of journalists and media organisations”.


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October 16, 2009 at 5:38 pm

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