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Pizza, please! American suspects in Pakistani jail want pizza

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Stop the press! Do you remember those five Americans who were caught in Pakistan on terrorism charges? There’s a high chance you don’t. Its only January 1o but this has been a busy time for AfPak news and you’ve probably forgotten about them. After all, Americans in Pakistan have been in the news a lot lately – the saga of passport checks and license plates and Blackwater theories – but no one seems to care about these 5 boys.

Aged 19-25, they were arrested in Sargodha and reportedly planned to “cross the border into Afghanistan to wage jihad against Western forces but denied any links to al-Qaida or plans to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan.” (AP)

They’ve had a string of bad luck, really. The five were turned down because they didn’t have the right reference

Five young American Muslims arrested in Pakistan met representatives of a group linked to al-Qaida and asked for training, but were turned down because they lacked references from trusted militants, according to a Pakistani police official.

Their social networking habits didn’t help either.

Pakistani police accuse the men of using the social networking site Facebook and the Internet video site YouTube while they were in the U.S. to try to connect with extremist groups in Pakistan.

While they’re still in custody and have been questioned by the FBI, they’re not particularly enjoying their stay in Pakistan. From the Online news agency:

Five US terror suspects languishing in District Jail Sargodha on 14 days Judicial remand have requested Pizza but their request could not be fulfilled.

Talking to Online here on Saturday, Deputy Superintendent District Jail Sargodha Chaudhry Aftab Hanif said that the detained American are satisfied with meal which is being supplied to them in Jail but they had requested for Pizza.

The Jail administration, he said, made it clear on arrested US terror suspects that Pizza is not included in Jail menu therefore it can not be given to them. On return, he said, the detainees told the Jail administration that they would eat Jail food by considering it as Pizza.

Really, Pakistani hospitality just isn’t what it used to be.


Written by Saba Imtiaz

January 10, 2010 at 6:00 am

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  1. LOL. Now thats funny.

    Will a Pakistan jailed in US get a ‘desi-ghee ka paratha’ with ‘saag’. And ‘meethi Lassi’, please !


    January 23, 2010 at 1:31 am

  2. If Naveen Naqvi in Grave
    Hi Naveen
    In English
    When any girl dies at the time of her Funeral. Peoples said that “Na-Mehram”(Who are not blood related People) go far only “Mehram” come forward and see the dead body at this time angle Laughing and Said that when she was alive nobody said that abstain from “Na-Mehram” when she is died everybody said that “Na-Mehram” ”(blood related People) go away from grave only “Mehram” come forward and see that dead women body. So My Dear Naveen Naqvi when you die you must promise that every “Na-Mehram” see your dead body and hairs as you show in Public (Media) or breakfast in dawn ok
    Allah aap ko Hidayat day
    Isn’t correct or not

    In Urdu
    Aurat ko jab dafan kartay hain to log kehtay hain keh Na-mehram hat jain sirf mehram deedar karain to us waqat Farista hasta hay keh Jab Zinda thi to kisi nay nahi kaha Keh Na-mehram say Hijab karo , ab jab marnay ka waqt aya to sub keh rahay hian keh Saray na-mehram hat jain . To Miss Naveen Naqvi aap wasiat karain keh Jab aap marain gi to sub na-mehram aap ka deedar karain gay.


    January 23, 2010 at 6:44 pm

  3. Lol.
    If there was pizza on the jail menu, and if it was thrice a day, I swear to God I’d have considered going in for a few days!! 😀

    Salman Latif

    February 2, 2010 at 8:52 pm

  4. I think they don’t know Pakistani police 🙂

    Urdu News

    February 12, 2010 at 10:22 pm

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