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Global Politics with a focus on The Middle East


What is the Zeitgeist Politics?

The Zeitgeist Politics is a blog dedicated to Global Politics with a focus on the Middle East. It will include political analysis, personal opinions and news on current events going on in the region, and beyond.

Who are we?

Alexander Lobov, a university student at The University of Melbourne in Australia. I have a deep interest in politics, especially in the Middle East, I have travelled extensively throughout the region and feel I have an insight worth sharing. Please feel free to comment and contribute to discussion and don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Saba Imtiaz, yet another by-product of the great Pakistani dream to live in the Gulf, has spent eleven years in the region and now works as a journalist in Karachi, Pakistan.


Written by alexlobov

June 16, 2009 at 6:52 am

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